Welcome to Washington Community School

Washington Community School (WCS) is a Pre-K through 5th grade school, with an ethnically diverse student enrollment of 600 students. The school boasts an equally diverse faculty. Washington employs 43 fulltime teachers, 24 full or part time teacher assistants, a full time supplemental instruction teacher for literacy, two part time supplemental math instructors and two administrators, all entrusted with providing our students with rigorous, data driven instruction as well as supporting their social and emotional development. Class size guidelines are 21 students in grades K-3, and 25 students in grades 4 & 5.  The ratio of teacher to students for specialized programs is within state and federal guidelines.

All WCS students benefit from research supported programs and approaches. My Math is a core program and individualized support is available through Fast Math, a software based resource that focuses on the acquisition of computational fluency. In everyday language, Fast math helps students master their basic +/-/x and division facts. We utilize a balanced literacy approach, which includes elements of writing supported by Writing Fundamentals kits, guided reading, supported by the use of I Station, the Comprehension Toolkits and authentic literature. Our students are also cycled through exploratory electives such as Art, Music, and World Language. Washington Community School houses a large technology lab and a library media center that supports and enhances lesson activities that are going on in the various classrooms. Our 1st – 5th grade classrooms are equipped with Promethean Boards. Our Kindergarten classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards as a means to capitalize on the benefits of technology in the classroom. Recently, Washington re-entered into an agreement to purchase student licenses for Study Island. In addition, WCS utilizes I Station as an independent, leveled reading resource for all students in grades 1-5. WCS embraces a dual language approach for students in grades K-5.  

Performance data makes it clear that fluency in math and reading remain challenges.
WCS maintains partnerships with local universities and businesses that provide our students the opportunity for exposure to elements outside of the classroom settings. This year we are expecting to benefit from REL Mid –Atlantic professional development offerings at no cost to the school. We have identified several topics related to closing the achievement gap.

WCS continues to serve as an extension to the Plainfield community, our campus is utilized for multiple programs presented by various community organizations and groups from the mayor’s office to Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Our students and students within the Plainfield Public Schools community are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of organizations and programs such as New Horizon (focus on preparing 12th grade students for college), Neighborhood House (after care program offering tutorial and educational based activities), Karate and Archery classes and Neighborhood Health Center (an affiliate of JFK, Trinitas and Robert Wood Johnson Hospitals providing health care services to the community).We are equally fortunate to be one of the few schools in the district to have 21st Century Afterschool program available to our students.