Washington Community School (WCS) is a Pre-K through 5th grade school, with an ethnically diverse student enrollment of nearly 600 students. The school boasts an equally diverse faculty. Washington employs 46 full time teachers, 15 full or part time teacher assistants, as well as 2 full time and 2 part time Response to Intervention (RTI) specialists. In addition, 2 social workers are charged with supporting the social and emotional development of our students in both mainstreamed and self contained settings.

The principal and vice principal combined have over 60 years of educational experience. That experience has been used to pioneer a number of educational initiatives at the school and district level.    

What's Happening

February 14, 2019 - Plainfield’s Washington Community School held an assembly today to recognize the achievement of 123 students who achieved Honor Roll during the second marking period.

Patricia Liberatos, Second Grade Bilingual Teacher, said to the parents, students and teachers assembled, “The students here attained the Honor Roll because they tried hard, they read, they wrote and they did their math every day. They were consistent and that is how they achieved success.”

Students in grades first to fifth received certificates and were congratulated by a receiving line that included their teacher, the vice principal, Ms. Lisa Armstead and the principal of the school, Dr. Anthony Jenkins.

“It’s important that we honor the achievement of our students and reinforce and encourage them to continue to do their best,” said Dr. Jenkins. “At our school, making the Honor Roll is not something we take for granted. We make sure there is a level of rigor in our curriculum, so that the students who achieve the Honor Roll, will demonstrate that same level of achievement, in the PARCC Test and in any of the assessments they may take.” The students will have two additional opportunities to make Honor Roll. The third marking period began January 30.

Click on the link below to see a list of all the students who achieved the Second Marking Period Honor Roll:

2019.02.14_Washington Community School Honor Roll Assembly.pdf